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Ensuring the security of our clients ' business activities is a fundamental and priority activity of Interconnect Solutions. 

If your company is represented by ICS Group, the initial negotiations are followed by the official stage of agreeing of the terms of the international agreement. At this stage of the transaction, it is necessary to check that the terms and conditions are equitable and provide for the possibility of exiting the transaction if anything goes wrong. But a more important stage when starting the work is a multi-level verification of your counterparty or Partner. Without the necessary verification, there is a high risk of loss of investment and business reputation, as fake organizations can operate behind the beautiful facade of the offic.

The first and sometimes the most important stage of verification is preliminary negotiations with the participation of our staff who have extensive experience in conducting negotiations. Such communication will be taken as seriously as possible, and this is a very important prerequisite for the further development of relationships. The negotiator, who is an active player in the market of large wholesale supplies, will be able to determine the seriousness of the future Partner's intentions and will help you negotiate in a favorable way.

It should be noted that a deep understanding of the Russian entrepreneur's mentality and way of thinking plays a fundamental role in achieving your goals. Prior to the meeting, we conduct thorough preparation, which includes checking the founders using all possible sources of information, requesting quotations for competitive products, visiting the office incognito if possible, evaluating the communication skills of the staff, and making test purchases if necessary. 

All this will allow to initially steer the meeting on the right course, taking into account the psychological characteristics of the opponents and timely parry possible inconvenient questions.

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